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Lindsay Seim
"I had heard from some mutual friends that Lindsay was talented but now, having had the opportunity to work with her, to merely call her talented would be a slight to her. She is truly a gifted actress who is going to be a force to be reckoned with one day very soon. She really is that good..."
-Jim Valdez, Director, Time To Shine


Hello!  I'm Lindsay Seim.  I'm an actor & writer living in Los Angeles.  I spent my childhood roaming the wide open spaces of Nebraska & watching inappropriate amounts of Little House on the Prairie & The Price Is Right

As a direct result, I secretly long for someone to call me "Half Pint" in the night and frequently occupy myself by ranking household items according to their Actual Retail Prices.

I've song-&-danced it as a Disney cast member, rapped with Sticky FIngaz, & may or may not have once played "seven minutes in heaven" with one of the Kids in the Hall. (He may or may not have tasted like flannel & bad decisions.) 

Here's to what happens next... 


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