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Lindsay Seim


     With the Goodnight Orchard team at LA Comedy Shorts Fest

              With Becca Murray at LA Comedy Shorts Film Fest

At HBO'sOutfest Fusion & the Pan African Film Fest supporting Blackbird
                    With the cast and production team of Blackbird


             Guesting on LA TalkRadio's Sam In The Morning Show

                        At a pre-Grammys event at the Belasco

     At a fundraiser for the EJ Jackson Foundation & a pre-Grammys event

             At the Sue Wong Spring 2014 fashion show

               At Star Magazine's Scene Stealers Event

                At Star Magazine's Scene Stealers Event

                         JENeration TV interview
               With JENeration TV host Jennifer Tapiero  

        In the press line at the Insidious: Chapter 2 premiere            

                At a pre-Emmys event                 At Create listening party               


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  • Insidious: Chapter 2 interviews:

*Lincoln Journal-Star
*Insidious: Chapter 2 red carpet
*PopCandies TV
*Star Magazine "Scene Stealers"
Bellevue Leader

  • Insidious: Chapter 2 reviews:

"... the entire cast delivers performances that simultaneously put us at ease and at the edge of our seats." 
-Bill Gibron, 10/12/13

"At the start of Insidious: Chapter 2... Elise returns, younger, played by Lindsay Seim. (With) the young Elise, a courageous and self-confident paranormal activities investigator, you are struck by the genius of casting directors Anne McCarthy and Kellie Roy."
-Cynthia Fuchs, 10/13/13

"Insidious: Chapter 2, works best when characters must confront the dark. 'In my line of work, things tend to happen when it gets dark,' says a young Elise Rainier (Lindsay Seim)... When she opens the door and pushes aside some clothes to reveal nothing but pitch black, she tells the darkness: 'Who are you, and what do you want?' Those are the film's best moments: when it confronts the sublime via literal darkness and mystery."
-Hans Morgenstern, 10/13/13

  • Insidious: Chapter 2 casting mentions:

"I had heard from some mutual friends that Lindsay was talented but now, having had the opportunity to work with her, to merely call her talented would be a slight to her. She is truly a gifted actress who is going to be a force to be reckoned with one day very soon. She really is that good..."
-Jim Valdez, Director, Time To Shine

  • Reviews for It's Good 2 Be Crazy:
"Actress Lindsay Seim breathes life into Merryl & makes [the] character likeable.  Seim is an engaging presence whose childlike energy is mainly the fuel this show runs on.  She puts one in mind of a younger Sarah Jessica Parker..."
-SoCal Theatre Review, July 24, 2011

"Nick Warnock as Joel & Lindsay Seim as Merryl are loveably looney... they offer animated & multi-layered performances [in this] well-acted, quirky & voyeuristic effort."
-Toloucan Times, July 22, 2011

“Lindsay Seim blew me away in her audition, then, as the play’s lead, continued to deliver all the way to the end of the run.  Not only did she bring her character to life in the most delightful way, but her extraordinary preparation and professionalism also gave me, and the rest of the team, a rock solid foundation on which to build the show.”
-Lynne Moses, Director, It’s Good 2 be Crazy

  • Featured in Los Angeles photographer                 Natalie Young's blog

  • Reviews for Salsa Saved the Girls:
"Lindsay Seim is the most interesting actor to watch... her Sabrina is the most tragic character of the piece... Seim plays it both tough and tender, driving home a brand of heartbreak that is unique to the ugly-ducking teenaged girl, who thinks herself worthless."
-Studio City Sun Times, July, 2006

"Broadway’s dazzling Sandra Purpuro gives a powerhouse performance as the mom & is matched by a breathtaking Lindsay Seim as older daughter Sabrina, torn between the love for her divorced parents." (LA Times) July 2, 2006

"Under Joshua Meltzer's detailed direction, the actors here are game and deliver a few dynamic performances, each rising to the occasion and taking the stage when called upon... However, it's only in the writing--and terrific portrayal by Seim--of teenage Sabrina that we come close to caring about any of these monsters on stage."

-Backstage West, July 3, 2006

"Working with Lindsay was a Director's dream, professional in every way & talented, too!"
-Joshua Meltzer, Director, Salsa Saved the Girls

  • Review for For Love of Amy:

 Omaha World-Herald

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