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Lindsay Seim


Film (select credits)
     Insidious: Chapter 2*                            Supporting                         James Wan/FilmDistrict
     Blackbird                                              Supporting                                      Patrik-Ian Polk
     American Dream                                   Supporting                                   Janusz Kaminski    
     They Killed Him Dead                                Lead                                       Gary Ravenscroft
     Zoey to the Max                                    Supporting                                            Jim Valdez
     Elly and Donna                                          Lead                                       Michael Maggiano
     Head Over Heels**                                 Supporting                             Matthew Gudernatch        
     The Audition                                             Lead                                               Kenna Trent
     White Noise                                          Supporting                                 Christie McDonald
     Time to Shine                                           Lead                                                 Jim Valdez
     Alice Wants Dessert                              Supporting                                    Luisa Mauaccad
     Your Wedding                                           Lead                                         Matthew Mercer
     Alphonso Bow                                       Supporting                                             Lije Sarke
     For Love of Amy                                       Lead                                                  Ted Lange
     Caught on Tape                                     Supporting                        Sticky Fingaz/Lionsgate
     The Sunday Man***                                 Supporting                           Danielle Shamash/AFI
     California Dreaming                                  Lead                                            Linda Vorhees
     Shimmer                                               Supporting                                  Andrew Robinson
     Failing at Life                                           Lead                                             Zach Clawson


     New Kids on the Block                               Lead                  Matt Gudernatch/John Orchard
     The Event                                                Co-star                               Janusz Kaminski/NBC
     Summerland                                             Co-star                                   David Jackson/WB
     Ultimate Explorer                                    Featured                               Allan Myers/NatGeo
     Star City News                                    Reporter/Anchor                                             NETV

Commercial  (Select credits)
      Mazda                                                     Principal                                     Janusz Kaminski
      The Redesign Habit                                 Principal                                       Fred Schweppe
      Creator Up                                              Principal                                       Michael Tringe
      Pearson                                                  Principal                                   Creative Deviants
      Deveaux                                                 Principal                                   Creative Deviants
      Sports Authority                                     Principal                                     Janusz Kaminski       
      National Asthma Foundation                   Principal                                     Janusz Kaminski
      Axe                                                         Principal                                          Fredrik Bond
      Huskervision                                           Principal                                         Kirk Hartman   

        The Trisha Show                                 Special Guest                                          Carlo Moss
        Nerdterns                                              Guest-star                                              Kyle Clark     
        Poop Notice                                           Guest-star                              Sean Patrick Murphy
        The Upside of Down                               Recurring                                      Jonathan Kehoe
        Anne & Jake                                            Recurring                              Shawn-Caulin Young
        Shakesality                                             Recurring                                       Victoria Bullock
        Coffee Pod                                             Recurring                                              Andy Viner
        Lucky 13                                                 Recurring                                       Samuel Rowley
        Quitters                                                  Recurring                                      Jonathan Kehoe
        Division Zero                                         Guest-star                                         Lucas Bessey
Whitlock                                                Guest-star                                Redmond Kettering
        No Such Agency                                  Lead/Recurring                                     Brent Harvey


(Select credits)
     The Laughing Cow                                         Supporting                              New Leaf Endeavors   
     It's Good 2 Be Crazy                                          Lead                           SST/Hudson Guild Theatre
     She Stoops to Conquer                                     Lead                             Culver City Public Theatre
     The Metamorphoses                                         Co-lead                                  Nebraska Repertory
     The Sleeping Beauty                                      Supporting                                Nebraska Repertory
     Salsa Saved the Girls****                                     Lead                          Eclectic Company Theatre
     Suburbia                                                            Lead                                    Secret Rose Theatre
     Touch                                                                Lead                             Rough Magic Productions
     Guys & Dolls                                                       Lead                                      Lied Center Stage
     How I Learned to Drive                                    Co-lead                                         Howell Theatre
     Real Thing                                                          Lead                                          Theatrix Studio
     Romeo & Juliet                                              Supporting                                      Howell Theatre
     Boy Gets Girl                                                  Supporting                                     Theatrix Studio
     A Christmas Carol                                           Supporting                                 Lied Center Stage
     Grimm's Faerie Tales                                          Lead                            Rough Magic Productions
     West Side Story                                              Supporting                                      Pinewood Bowl
     My Fair Lady                                                       Lead                                 UNL Mainstage Studio
     Female Transport                                              Co-lead                              UNL Mainstage Studio
     South Pacific                                                      Lead                                     Theatrix Mainstage

     University of Nebraska-Lincoln:  BFA Theatre Performance
     University of Nebraska-Lincoln:  BA Broadcast Journalism
     Cold Reading/Scene Study:  Anthony Meindl's Actor's Workshop (Master Class)
     AFI/SAG Conservatory:  Various
     Cold Reading:  Ian Tucker
     Improvisation:  The Groundlings
     Commercial/Scene Study:  Virginia Smith
     Shakespeare:  Shirley Carr-Mason
     Movement/Stage Combat:  Harris Smith
     Voice/Dialects:  Stan Brown

  *All-time second-highest September opening, **Official selection; LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival, ***Student BAFTA- winner, ****Ovation Award- nominated



Almost a year to the day after graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and leaving her hometown of Omaha for Los Angeles, Lindsay Seim landed a major role in her first feautre film California Dreaming.  She co-starred with Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall, News Radio), Lea Thompson (Back to the Future, Caroline in the City), Vicki Lewis (News Radio) & Patricia Richardson (Home Improvement.)

Her next project was the BAFTA/LA Student Film Award-winning AFI film, The Sunday Man, with Broadway's Annie Potts (Designing Women) & Peter Coyote (Erin Brokovich, The 4400.)  She then appeared in the independent "Hip-Hopera" feature Caught on Tape (Lionsgate) starring Vivica A. Fox (Curb Your Enthusiasm) Kel Mitchell (Keenan & Kel) & rapper Sticky Fingaz (Blade.)                                                     

She returned to her Nebraska roots to perform as a Guest Artist in Residence in the Nebraska Repertory Theatre's production of Mary Zimmerman's The Metamorphoses.  Upon completing her residency, Seim was honored as a Distinguished Alumnus of UNL's Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film.

During her brief return to Nebraska, she also co-starred in the Ted Lange (The Love Boat) -directed family drama For Love of Amy (Vanguard) with John Beasley (Everwood, Treme.)  The film screened at the Director's Guild of America & was shown in competition at several festivals, including the Pan African Film Festival in Culver City. 

Lindsay Seim has performed in numerous Los Angeles theatre productions, including her LA Stage Alliance Ovation Award- nominated role as Sabrina in Rose Martula's Salsa Saved the Girls.  Other favorite roles include playing heroine Kate Hardcastle in the Culver City Public Theatre's production of She Stoops to Conquer, originating the role of aspiring musician Merryl in Joanclair Richter's world-premiere play, It's Good 2 Be Crazy, produced at The Hudson Guild Theatre, and playing ditzy secretary Cherisa in New Leaf Endeavors' world-premiere comedy The Laughing Cow.

Seim has appeared in several national commercials, including spots for Mazda, Axe, Sports Authority & The National Asthma Foundation.  She has been a featured guest on the Screen Actor's Guild webseries Actor's Entertainment and has worked with two-time Academy Award-winning cinematographer/director Janusz Kaminski (Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan) on multiple occasions.  He directed her in a guest spot on the NBC drama, The Event and in his independent film American Dream.

Seim has had guest-starring and recurring roles on webseries Nerdterns (The Nerdist Channel), MPGIS' The Trisha Show, Poop Notice (Pat Finn, Peter Breitmayer), Quitters, Upside of Down and Lucky 13. In 2012, she starred in director/producer Jim Valdez's (Guys Night) family drama Time to Shine. She re-teamed with him again in 2013 for family comedy Zoey to the Max starring Amy Smart (Just Friends) and Grant Bowler (True Blood).

In 2013, she co-starred with Patrick Wilson (Watchmen), Rose Byrne (Damages), Barbara Hershey (Black Swan), Lin Shaye (There's Something About Mary) and Jocelin Donahue (The House of the Devil) in James Wan's (Saw) Insidious: Chapter 2 (BlumHouse). She also appeared in Matthew Gudernatch's LA Comedy Shorts Fest official selection Head Over Heels and in director Gary Ravenscroft's Noir They Killed Him Dead. In addition, she appeared in Patrik-Ian Polk's (Noah's Arc) indie drama Blackbird starring Academy Award-winner Mo'Nique (Precious) and Isaiah Washington (Blue Sapphire.) Blackbird premiered as the centerpiece of the 2014 Pan African Film Festival's closing night gala.

Lindsay is an avid runner and Bar Method addict, and mentors with the Young Storyteller's Foundation . YSF is a fantastic volunteer organization dedicated to developing literacy through the art of screenwriting. Its mission is to inspire young people to discover the power of their own unique voices.  It's an awesome group





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